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How to use your Habit Tracker 

By using a Habit Tracker, you're taking inspired action to create new routines that support your wellbeing. You begin to be more mindful about your activities, and can make conscious choices about what works for you and what doesn't. 

It's a great tool to help you establish your heathy habits and, importantly, create consistency with them. It' helps you to recognise early on when you might be steering off course and take corrective action, and to celebrate your fabulous successes.  

What should I record on my Habit Tracker? 

The possibilities are endless! What you record on your Habit Tracker will be completely unique to you.


If you're not sure, begin by sitting for a few moments in stillness and asking yourself what changes do you want to generate in your everyday life? What would help you to feel energised and allow your light to shine? And then what steps can you take towards that? 

Here's some ideas...

A daily meditation practice

A weekly yoga class

Regular time for your favourite hobby

Time to read an inspirational book, or listen to an inspiring podcast

Taking a lunch break 

Drinking 6 glasses of water a day 

Watering/weeding the garden for 5 minutes daily

Turning off your mobile phone an hour before bed

Doing the ironing once a week so you avoid creating an ironing mountain!

How often should I do my habit? 

Creating a new habit requires consistency, but it needs to be achievable so that it fits in with your life.


Start small, so that it's do-able - you can always grow and expand when your new routine becomes established. For example, if you want to begin a daily meditation practice, start with 3-5 minutes a day rather than committing to an hour and this will likely give you greater chance of success. 

Your habit doesn't need to be daily - perhaps you want to go swimming once a week, or take time to plan your finances once a month. So if you plan to do something once a week or once a month, on your tracker just block out the squares you don't need. 

Habit Stacking

Start by introducing one new habit or routine at a time. 

Once that habit feels like it's become part of your regular routine start adding any new ones. It's helpful to 'habit stack' to help your habits begin to flow seamlessly. For example, emptying the dishwasher every evening before bed, so that you create time in the morning for a 5 minute meditation, or batch cooking lunches at the weekend, so that during the week you have time to do some stretching or go for a walk every day. 

Access the Habit Tracker

You can access the Habit Tracker in the resources section of the Meditation Portal or Online Yoga Studio, or click the button below...

I'd love to hear how you get on! What new healthy habit will you create? 

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