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BWY Foundation Course Testimonials

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"I cannot recommend this course highly enough"

I have found this course to be more than I hoped it could be in terms of deepening my own yoga practice, yet so much more too! Janice's innate warmth has shone through in her encouragement to explore different tools and techniques to find what works for you personally, and I'm now using many of these both on and off my yoga mat. Her delivery of the course content, combined with ongoing support, has been excellent and I'm incredibly grateful to have undertaken Foundation Course 1 with her as my instructor. I cannot recommend this course, nor Janice, highly enough!

Jill E.

"Packed with
knowledge and learning"

I've been a yoga student for years and was ready to progress my yoga journey. I'm so thrilled I stumbled upon Janice and this course, because not only is she a fabulous teacher but I've also connected with a beautiful bunch of yogis and formed wonderful connections. Janice creates an environment that is packed with knowledge and learning - after all, that is the point of the course, but her open, honest and empathetic style naturally builds a community in the classroom that I feel so lucky to have been part of.

Caroline W.

"This course is good
for your soul!"

I'm so glad I finally did it! Janice is a knowledgeable teacher. Her style of teaching is engaging and thoughtful. She took the time to help each of us on our own yoga journeys. Prompting when we needed a push or telling us to let go if it got too deep. The course has given me more questions than answers, but in a good way. I'm striving to find my place in the yoga world - Janice and this course has given me the tools I need to grow and learn. This course is good for your soul - do it now!

Becky S

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"Immersing myself in the
joy of yoga"

Immersing myself in the joy of yoga, this is how I felt during the time spent with Janice doing the Foundation Course. For me, the course went beyond the asanas (postures) and took me to a place where yoga both physically and emotionally supports me in every aspect of my life. As someone who gets anxious within groups of new people Janice created an environment where everyone felt comfortable in expressing themselves and sharing life experience, and her wealth of knowledge and how she teaches all things yoga will inspire you to want to learn more. Embrace and enjoy".

Di S.

"I have learnt a lot
from this course"

I signed up to do this yoga Foundation Course as I wanted to delve deeper into yoga, more than I could do in a weekly class. The course covered such a broad range of material, ranging from the asanas (poses) to the spiritual and breathing aspects of yoga too. I certainly feel like I have learnt a lot from this course, and it has equipped me to feel confident in doing a home yoga practice and incorporating yoga into my every day life. Janice is a wonderful teacher, always patient and thoughtful, such an inspiration. I would highly recommend her BWY Foundation Course.

Helen W

"I knew I'd enjoy this course - I never guessed how much!

I'm so pleased I came on this course. I have learnt a great deal about many aspects of yoga. I was inspired by Janice's enthusiasm, openness, acceptance and quiet wisdom. I also feel that I was very fortunate to share this course with such a diverse, kind and interesting group. Janice's interesting, insightful and sensitive sessions helped create an environment where group members were able to trust and support one another. This course has reinforced my motivation and willingness to continue to practice yoga regularly and thoughtfully, with a view to maintaining and developing physical and mental health. 

Amelia O.

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