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Explore how Menopause Yoga can support you during times of transition

Menopause Yoga Workshop | Sunday 8th October 2023 | 10:00 - 13:00
Great Gidding Village Hall, PE28 5NU
Cost: £30

Menopause Yoga is specially designed to help you positively manage your menopause. 


“Menopause is an opportunity to take a pause in your busy life… to nurture and nourish yourself… to take time for self-study and learn more about your changing body, mind and emotions… to look forward to the next stage in your life”

- Petra Coveney, Founder Menopause Yoga - 


Menopause Yoga is a holistic approach incorporating yoga poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation practices to help you manage the main symptoms of menopause. 


This Menopause Yoga workshop can help you to:


  • Find comfort and reassurance in the company of other women 

  • Manage some of the main symptoms of menopause

  • Love who you are as you embrace this transitional phase 

  • Get curious and discover more about your experience of the menopause

  • Create your own toolbox of simple techniques to support your wellbeing

  • Know that you’re not falling apart, you’re not going crazy – you’re simply transforming


Your experience of the menopause is completely and utterly unique as you are, but we do have shared experiences – and with that comes understanding, empathy, and compassion. Let’s come together and support each other – there really is no need to navigate this on your own. 


Some of us sail through the menopause, some of us falter, and some of us (myself included) take a complete nosedive! Whatever your experience, whatever your stage (pre, peri, post) - all are welcome. 


This workshop is suitable for you if…


  • You’re pre-menopausal: Being well informed as you approach the menopause can help you to manage the transition more smoothly. (I wish I knew 10 years ago what I know now)! You’ll draw upon your own monthly hormonal cycle and life experiences to help you prepare for your future menopause. 


  • You’re peri-monpausal: whether it’s smooth sailing or a bumpy ride, you’ll discover simple tools to support your everyday life.


  • Post-menopausal: share your wisdom with the group, and learn how yoga can help you to stay fit and healthy beyond the menopause.

And if you're not sure what stage you're at then join us to find out more. 


In this workshop on 8th October, we’ll explore what the menopause means to us individually and collectively, how we can shift our perception and embrace the transition, and how we can find more balance during the hormonal shifts. 

No yoga experience required, and mats and all equipment can be provided if you don't have your own. 

Cost: £30 (non-refundable) 

Maximum spaces available: 10

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