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Workplace Wellbeing

Supporting your staff with yoga, meditation, relaxation

In a 6-week lunchtime relaxation programme run by Radiance Yoga, on average participants reported a 57% reduction in stress levels. Each relaxation session lasted 15 minutes - showing the benefits of a brief, restful pause during the working day.

Yoga is a holistic approach to wellbeing; revitalising for the body, nourishing for the mind and soothing for the soul. It helps us to counteract and manage the everyday stresses and strains of life, making us more resilient and able to deal with the inevitable ups and downs.

With a career in the NHS spanning 26 years, I fully relate to the pressure within the workplace and the demands placed on staff. A robust wellbeing programme can help to ease those pressures and support staff in feeling valued. Yoga can be a part of this, and my passion is to bring peace, vitality and positivity into the working day. When practiced as a group, yoga can help to foster good working relationships, and a sense of community across teams and organisational boundaries.

I can work with you to support your staff wellbeing strategy, building a bespoke programme using any of the aspects of yoga; postures meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing practices - or a combination of all of these. All sessions are currently being delivered online. 

Contact me to discuss your requirements, and find out how yoga and relaxation can support your staff wellbeing strategy. 

The lunchtime relaxation programme was featured in the British Wheel of Yoga publication - read more here (see page 8-9).

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