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Yoga can be a healing balm during challenging times.
It can help to keep the body and mind healthy; keeping you moving,
releasing tension from the body and helping you to
manage the emotional ups and downs of daily life. 

Subscribing to our online studio gives you full access to:

- Yoga classes

- Guided Relaxations

- Guided Meditations


- Bonus 'Mini Practices': 10-20 minutes of yoga, perfect to fit in to a busy day

- The ability to contact your yoga teacher at any time with questions about your practice

- Special discounts throughout the year e.g. Zoom classes and the 28 Days of Meditation course. 

New sessions are added every week to our growing library of classes

All sessions are pre-recorded; you choose which class to take, practice at a time that suits you,

as many times as you want 


Monthly subscription is offered in return for a voluntary contribution. (A suggested monthly subscription is £30). If you are financially affected by Coronavirus and unable to pay you are still able to apply for free access or pay an amount that's affordable to you.


If you prefer to practice live online, join me live on Zoom. See this week's schedule

(Classes in venues throughout Cambridgeshire are currently on hold during lockdown)

A taster of what's on offer...

Neck & Shoulder Release

A practice to release tension from the neck and shoulders - perfect if you're feeling stressed

DURATION: 1 hour

Rise & Shine

A mini practice to start your day, gently awakening the body

DURATION: 22 minutes

Muladhara (Root) Chakra

'I am safe, I am supported'

A practice to connect awareness to your foundations, and activate and strengthen the legs

DURATION: 1 hour 15 minutes

Yoga classes in Peterborough, Great Gidding, Sawtry, Huntingdon, Cambridge and Online 

T: 01832 293483 M: 07845 201179

Yoga Online and in Peterborough, Great Gidding, Sawtry, Huntingdon, Cambridge
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