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28 Days of Meditation

Creating Moments of Calm



Does day to day life often leave you feeling overwhelmed or stressed?
Do the challenges of these times leave you feeling as if your world has been turned upside down?
Take some time out to create moments of calm in your life...

Join me live online throughout January to learn a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques. 

A regular meditation practice is the perfect antidote to stress and overwhelm - helping you to find peace and stillness within your day. You gradually begin to flow with a little more ease, and energy levels become lifted - leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. 

Let me tell you a little more about it here on YouTube

What's included...

- Live group meditations every day Monday - Saturday at 8pm*

- Time to chat and Q&A at the end of each session

- Recorded meditation every Sunday, to encourage you to develop your own daily practice

- The ability to contact Janice with any questions at any time throughout the course

- Free Radiance Yoga Meditation e-Book

- The option to join the Meditation WhatsApp group to share experiences with the group and teacher


* Don't worry if you can't attend each session. You'll get the most from the course if you attend every day, but it's ok to skip a day or two, just join back in whenever you can.


No experience is required - we'll start with the basics and explore various techniques so that you get to find which method resonates with you the most. At the end of the course you'll have a set of skills to choose from so that you can create your own healthy habit, building a regular meditation practice. 

The course is kept to a maximum of 10 people so that you get the most benefit from the sessions.

Live sessions will be held on Zoom. 



“I would highly recommend Janice’s meditation course. She is very knowledgeable and makes each session easy to follow. I really enjoyed learning the different ways to meditate, and the ebook was a good resource. Now I look forward to my own meditation session each day" BECKY S

"I found this course to be a helpful and lovely introduction to meditation and a restorative way to end the day” JANE A.

The 28 Days of Meditation course was a great introduction to learning how to allow myself 20 minutes of 'me' time without the guilt!

Janice's guidance and support was invaluable in giving me the encouragement to incorporate the practice as much as I can. HEATHER L

Yay - you've done it! 

It's good to acknowledge our successes!


Building a new healthy habit takes commitment, so when you've completed the course you'll receive a month's free access to the Online Meditation & Relaxation Portal


Course fees: £30 per person payable in advance by BACS (£20 if you subscribe to the Online Studio)

To register, email Janice or call 01832 293483 to find out more.




To ensure you get the most benefit from the course, and that all practices offered are safe for you, you'll be asked to complete a Registration / Health Questionnaire.

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